Area 51 is a large military airfield and one of the most secretive places in the world. The base's primary purpose is to support development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems.
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 Faction Rules!

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PostSubject: Faction Rules!   Faction Rules! I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 9:53 am


1st rule : Have fun. Smile

2nd rule : Always give a hello in chat upon logging into the game, just a hello, WE ARE your game family and need cohesion to become a better faction...further involvement in chat is up to you after that...failure to do this will change your RANK to Solitary Confinement and you will be required to gain the necessary experience to gain your original rank (as outlined in the ranks section of this forum). Do not ask for buffs without first sending a message saying hello or you will not be able to get buffs from the members. Do not say hello and ask for buffs in the same message either as that is not polite.

3rd rule : Keep active and level up fast. All members are in probation until out of the Private First Class Rank, Anyone found not regularly training and gaining xp/gold for the faction, will be sent to solitary confinement and then eventually kicked, please stay active! See the rank data page for members to see if your training enough for your level.

4th rule : Don't attack any members of an allied faction.
Currently we are allied with:

If an allied is bounty, first ask him if you can take the bounty and you must at least give back the gold taken form him during the bounty time.

For those who don't respect this rules, we will send a warning. There will not be a second warning... Just check who you're attacking!

5th rule : Give credits regularly to the faction to maintain structures.

6th rule : Any Very useful items gained from a Squad Attack may be tagged if the faction has a need for it. All other items drops from squad attacks are yours to keep.

7th rule : No members will have empty equipment any time....for any reason. If we have to recall items from you (super elite set for example) you will be put immediately in the Solitary Confinement rank.

8th rule : If you're offline for a while, leave a message on your biography and also post on the absence section on our forum with saying for how long you will be offline. This way we can put you in Retired during the time you're off. Keep a defensive set on you and put the tagged items in the faction store. If there is no space in FS keep it in your Back Pack or send them to any higher level to store them. So active members can use it while your away.

9th rule : Only Vice President and higher may recall items. If you need anything from someone you have to ask to one of us.

10th rule : Never recall items that a Faction mate is actually wearing.
Except for some reasons:
- An Inactive player left the game for few weeks without saying anything in his biography and forgot to put on a defensive set.
- An arrangement between 2 members and one forgot to put back the items in FS or in his BP. For this situation send a message to anyone who can recall items and ask him with a sign of the arrangement.

11th rule : For Special items, When you finish using (training/hunting), please put it in Faction Store or keep it in your backpack until there are free slot in Faction Store and put another item on you in its place. As we don't have enough Special sets (and for some not at all) so everyone can use it. You are not all playing in the same time so this will make it easy to take turns faction mate by faction mate. Secretary of Defense is in charge of armory and it will be more easy for the Secretary of Defense if you all put back that kind of weapon.
ALL Items and sets concerned:

12th rule : Don't use group attacks to kill normal creatures. Group attack are exclusively for special creatures.

13th rule : Don't store common item in faction store. Reserve it for sets or special items. Always leave 2 slot open in faction store for group attack drops.

14th rule : Don't use mass message to ask for buffs or joining groups attack.

15th rule : Only Attorney General can invite member to participate to Faction Conflict. Other members that join the conflict without being invited will be sent immediately to Solitary Confinement Rank.

16th rule : buffs are not mandatory to be given, however it is a privilege that we give each other as a family and as friends, to make it fair to all players the rules outlined below have been created to keep it fair and friendly.

A. - If you want buffs please make sure you have at least 90% of your energy (for anyone who has increased your energy over 1100 a minimum of 1000 is required). Energy is really precious for everyone as we are ALL restricted in skill points gain. If you no longer need a buff please let anyone who you PM'd know so they dont waste their skill points.

B. - Please be active in the faction chat and say hello before asking for buffs.

C. - If you don't list the buffs you offer in your bio you will not receive buffs from the faction members. Please always buff yourself with any buffs you have before asking others for buffs, the difference between a 125 buff and a 150 buff isnt great.

D. - No members in Solitary Confinement are entitled to free buffs from any member, Be thankful if you do receive any buffs while in this ranking.

E. - Be polite and respectful and always say please and thank you, demanding buffs will not be tolerated

There are not a lot of rules to follow so a special rank has been added for those who don't want to follow them as a warning after, it will be an immediate kick. It is the Attorney General's Position to make sure All Members follow these rules.
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Faction Rules!
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